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21 May 2010 @ 11:18 pm
I didn't think I'd live long enough to witness and say something like this but, dang the overload of lovey-doveiness in this drama almost caused me diabets.
srsly, episode 13 and 14....there was cuteness and tenderness and rabu rabu all over the place!! O_O
 ok, the calm before the storm, I do get that but,  WTF!! You're Korean, remember??? xD

the episodes starts with... JH lovingly taking care of his beauty who fell ill. The morning after, after having prepared a hot bath with flowers or something for her, he helps her drying her hair...

oh so cuteCollapse )

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16 May 2010 @ 05:41 pm

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11 May 2010 @ 10:17 pm

with final exams coming closer oh so closer, I've started looking around for yummy goodies that might cheer me up. Even though last time things didn't go that smoothly and i had to ask for a refund (YAB cell phone strap never arrived T_T). I'm still willing to spend my money on junk goods :)

So while looking around, something got my attention.



ok. now...
with that money I could actually go to korea and look for LMH myself, you know!

oooh it also comes with the trouser... I'd like to ask them a question on that item. Exactely, how long are those legs??? xD


I went back to eb and typed Lee Min Ho to see if there were new goodies...and GUESS WHAT??


it's SALE season!! and a major one too O______O

from 2300$ to 320 in 10 days. WOW. I'm starting to think that in other 10 days they'll just give it away for free XD

and here's a new item I've found:

oh yeah. Who wouldn't want that shoulder cat XD i love there's a name for it
if you had one, you wouldn't look creepy at all u.u believe me.....xD

This kinda reminded me about the story our spanish lecturer told us in class.

Apparrently when he was a kid, he leashed a soft toy and started going around the house with it in order to convince his parents to buy a dog! Witty
any parent would feel bad, wouldn't they!!
The real problem (for his parents) arised when he started taking it down the street for a walk XDDD he said his mom was ashamed as hell XDD and that after 3 meters the doggy was lump of dirt! LMAO of course he got a dog after that.

I love him.

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10 May 2010 @ 12:08 am

that's what made me come back! I had been waiting for this drama since its announcement but when it started airing I was on hiatus. Technically I still am on hiatus...I'm here only to watch this <3 (yeah still not completely back into fandom)

I started watching PT on Thursday...I think (don't really remember). And, to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the first episode. Not that great. But luckily it got better and better  *q*

People complain "nothing new". Oh please, whatever.

I just love Jin Ho, as expected XP, but also Kae In! My gosh that gal is awesome xD
I love other characters too. Like her friend (and her son XD) and Jin Ho's "lover" coworker xD oh and the panda girl. She's annoying, but funny 


개인의 취향 aka Kae In's Taste aka Personal Taste aka Personal PreferenceCollapse )

개인의 취향 aka Kae In's Taste aka Personal Taste aka Personal PreferenceCollapse )

i'll edit and go on tomorrow. i do realize my already poor english gets worse with tiredness

oh, i almost forgot. Lee Min Ho's official facebook *__*
it was out of the blue. And it's real!! for overseas fans ;__; thank you!


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09 May 2010 @ 10:08 pm

             Auguri a tutte le mamme!
google for mother's day <3. So pretty and pink *.*

Oh. And that was a HIATUS XD

I guess you're supposed to do this before your hiatus. But I like doing things the other way around, apparently

So here I am, again. It was just one of those things that happen to me every year (even more than once). That is, I seem to have grown out of fandom and don't feel like watching, reading, saving, thinking, drooling.

But then I just come back, stonger than before. Lol

Yeah, nothing serious. Just like every year's rumors about Kimura divorcing or Jin getting someone pregnant or Arashi taking over the world.

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01 April 2010 @ 01:09 pm

first day of holidays *O*

I woke up at 9 =.= and I couldn't sleep anymore so I started watching UP


                                   :argh:  :argh:

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi                                          Creepy developer

well I see it xD

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29 March 2010 @ 12:04 am

First time I felt like posting in 10 days... but I don't know what I should write lol

sakura no you na kimi deshitaaa....Collapse )

but before going I need to tell I'm still laughing at this: JAPAN TOP STAR u.s. debut!! especially the top star part xDDDD (now why did they took down his pic btw?? O.O)

i'm laughing but I kinda hope it'll be a success... so that johnny's guys can start conquering the world performing overseas too and the fans outside asia can get a little love too...

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19 March 2010 @ 12:14 pm

I'd completely forgotten about Hong Ki's birthday ^^;;;

Happy 20th (or 21st according Korea) birthday Hong Ki <333

A video from his birthday party

ROFL apparently they weren't able to switch to photo mode XDDDD so Hee Chul asks us to take caps as they pose xD
I took them, don't worry bb!

...but somebody needs a haircut.

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12 March 2010 @ 07:27 pm

I've finally started this drama >< I love it! I've just watched episode 3 and I need to say something before going on.

So, in ep 2 there's a flashback that show us on the one hand Maestro Kang (<3): super serious in high school and doing his best to be as great as possible. On the other hand his friend-rival (now an eccelent conductor) who's a thoughtless lad but with genuine talent. And that's the thing that Kang miss the most.

While watching the flashback  I actually thought "LOL what's that?? Salieri VS Mozart in Amadeus'??" xD yes, seeing the serious guy hating the frivolous genius reminded me of that movie and then....

in episode 3 Maestro Kang was watching Amadeus! *shock!!* he was there in his 'lil dark room watching the TV and I recognized it immediately!I 

 LOL I heard the music and saw Salieri wearing the mask (screencap) and went WTF I was right!!

so they actually took inspiration from this movie, uh?

i'll try to cut this long story short coz I want to go and watch ep 4Collapse ) and now I'm off to watch ep 4
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08 March 2010 @ 07:23 pm
watched the last two episodes on Saturday afternoon and I cried like a baby. I swear I was devastated!!! T_T

it was a lot of time since I cried because of a drama (and no, I did not miss it)! Actually there was a period around 2007-08 during which I used to cry a lot while watching doramas xD not only because of sad things but also happy things O_O 
however I think that that was dued to some hormonal disorder or something xD no srly! So if this one made me cry well it means it's really harsh!

oh why so sad! why!

at the very end Kanzo smiled............. WHY??

On a different note, yesterday I watched episode 14 of The woman who still wants to marry! This week the last two episodes are being aired. I'm curious how will it end? no crap plz =.=;;;
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