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10 June 2012 @ 03:54 pm

Wednesday I took my last exam for the term, the one that scared me the most (french!!) and after that I went...sightseeing. LOL. It's just that I felt relieved, the wheather was gorgeous and I couldn't bear the thought of staying in the library to work on my final paper (work in progress)
So I went on my own to all those touristy places I never get the chance to visit because my uni is on the other side of town.

That's what I saw as soon as I stepped my foot out of the library/departement of post colonial studies where I took my exam. I had spent the whole freaking morning inside that creepy, dull, narrow building and when I went out to get some fresh air I realized I couldn't go in there anymore. I had to enjoy the sunshineeee

I'm walking on sunshine oh ohCollapse )

I'm hungry and this is getting long. I must bid you adieu
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