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02 June 2012 @ 06:05 pm
this week's Ojamap was <3 I also loved last week's episode where Shingo came out as a Tokyo tower fan and everyone made fun of him.This week they visited one cool school in Japan where students manage a farm - helped by their teachers ofc. There were many cute and funny scenes but I can not get over the beginning of the show.

Shingo went and woke up the girl who mailed them.OMG at the thought of having Shingo in my room

Gently waking me up...

Whispering Ohayo...

Whatching me suffer from heart failure

Luckily, our student was strong enough and survived. Phew.
Her brother, Yuto-kun was sleeping in that room too. He woke up, saw all those people in his room, went back to sleep. Lmao.
Shingo forced him to sit and properly greet his guests lol But after making everyone lol with his answer to Shingo's question (about what food he wanted to eat, I think) he went back to sleep

This skit-like scene justly ended with Shingo planking on Yuto-kun.