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10 June 2012 @ 03:54 pm

Wednesday I took my last exam for the term, the one that scared me the most (french!!) and after that I went...sightseeing. LOL. It's just that I felt relieved, the wheather was gorgeous and I couldn't bear the thought of staying in the library to work on my final paper (work in progress)
So I went on my own to all those touristy places I never get the chance to visit because my uni is on the other side of town.

That's what I saw as soon as I stepped my foot out of the library/departement of post colonial studies where I took my exam. I had spent the whole freaking morning inside that creepy, dull, narrow building and when I went out to get some fresh air I realized I couldn't go in there anymore. I had to enjoy the sunshineeee

random pic of a random guy talking on his random mobile

now I have no idea what this place is. It had no sign whatsoever but there were lots of tourists taking picture from the outside so I followed the trend. This is the actual entrance of the place and as you can see nobody ventured to go in

cool shop selling edgy glasses. idk if you can tell from the pics but some of them were epic. Here again there were other tourists taking picture so I had to fight for a spot in front of the shop window. And yes there were costumers inside
it's practically impossible to take a pic of it but there's my church! last year I took a course on history of art consacrated to some of the chuches of the town. This was the last one we studied and on the last lesson we went on a field trip or "inspection trip" (like Ms R. liked to call them lol). I must say this is not exactly my cup of tea (Ms R. herself said that in the 18th century they were thinking of taking it down because (rocks had strted crumbling and because) it was UGLY lol ) but that visit was really interesting like we actually had fun. Besides, the last question she asked on the day of the exam was on this church so I like it even tho I don't really like it
and so 20 or 30 minutes later (idk cozi got lost at some point) I got here, which is the place i had in mind when i first left the library. I was pleasantly surprised to see there weren't that many tourists (it's usually PACKED, if you can pack a square) and there was very little pigeons too. They must have been having lunch.

I'm hungry and this is getting long. I must bid you adieu
Current Mood: confusedconfused
.::Johaji::.: kimuraimagenes_retro on June 16th, 2012 08:43 pm (UTC)
welcome back

Nice to read you again. I was surprise to see you had updated your LJ xD
Is not like I do it that often to be honest.

Venzia, you are right about the last picture. Where are the pigeons?

Well just wanted to stop by and say hi, that's all.

Bye xD
yuukie085yuukie085 on June 18th, 2012 10:04 am (UTC)
Re: welcome back
hi ;-; ty for stopping by!!

i actually meant to stop by your journal but somehow it slipped my mind :(

yes i've decided to come back here at last. not sure how long this is going to last tho lol

pigeons are annoying little creatures and i guess they just dont bother to grace tourists with their presence unless somebody feeds them

thank you again ♥