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23 May 2010 @ 06:42 pm
Personale taste finale  
yesterday I finished Personal Taste :) so I'm ready to start a new drama now. Tsuki no koibito here I cooome!!

PT kind of came up to my expectations, it made me laugh, cry and get agry xD and I enjoyed it. I think I'll rewatch it, this time with softsubs and in HQ, during the summer. The thing is it's not quite the same seeing a drama properly and seeing it like I saw PT! i think it totally makes the difference. That's why I hate watching airing dramas :/

...but I just can't help it! I want to start Tsuki no Koibito right now...but I'll wait a little bit more *sigh*, they're only at episode 2 *sigh sigh*

it was a lovely evening! we celebrated dad's bd and I had pizza and french fries >< it'd been a while since I last had french fries coz, you know I've decided to cut down on junk food u.u . So I was happy XD and didn't feel guilty at all (in fact I also had a couple of cupcakes lols). 
After my junky meal I went and enjoyed my drama (while dad and his friend were watching the football match -the big CL finale =_=)

i'll edit later