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21 May 2010 @ 11:18 pm
PT ep 13-14  
I didn't think I'd live long enough to witness and say something like this but, dang the overload of lovey-doveiness in this drama almost caused me diabets.
srsly, episode 13 and 14....there was cuteness and tenderness and rabu rabu all over the place!! O_O
 ok, the calm before the storm, I do get that but,  WTF!! You're Korean, remember??? xD

the episodes starts with... JH lovingly taking care of his beauty who fell ill. The morning after, after having prepared a hot bath with flowers or something for her, he helps her drying her hair...


then she finds out it's her bd (=.=), so they head to the ice rink. Very typical Korean winter date (at least in dramas...)xD

 there's even the typical  tumble followed by a moment of awkwardness.... (but this time there's a little kiss too ><)

 and after the love-dovey afternoon they go back and have a surprise romantic candle lit dinner 

Then,  there's some embarassing moment due to the sexual tension...xD solved by playing games.. 

In the night both of them are in their rooms having kind of dirty thoughts (lol) but when a storm outbreaks, terrified KI doesn't think twice before rushing to JH's room holding her pillow and asking to be put up for the night XD

While seeing this scene I was very happy, of course, but I just knew, or I thought I knew, what was going to happen, that is: no no no, sleeping in the same bed??? Gentlemen sleep on the floor.

That's why I totally did not see it coming!! <3 and JH went HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN I'M A MAN??? *pat pat* u-u

the day after they go and have a hot drink with loads of whipped cream (LOL at KI licking it off) and of course there's the one who gets dirty on his face and the other one who clean it away with her hand......

 and how does the episode end??? With the two of them doing the shopping and smiling and being happy and in love and Yuukie was about to VOMIT. lol

this really was one episode O_____O

then there's episode 14, which goes on with the love for the first half.

and we see them standing their linen together...and JH sleeping on her laps while she cuddles him.... and JH singing to her on the phone because she couldn't sleep O______O

then thank goodness it stopped. And we had some drama in the drama!! OMG the ending freaked me out!! she made me cry ç__ç

i thought it was a little absurd the thing that JH's mother was pushing her to leave her son alone (and that was supposed to be the climax of the whole mama-is-against-us-thing) while KI wasn't paying any attention coz she was remembering her past.

So you see this girl who is upset and shaking and crying and the lady goes "ok, I hope you'll think about what I told you" and goes away O___O;;;;;


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yuukie085: SJ hee prettyyuukie085 on September 23rd, 2010 02:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Lion Soft toy in drama
hi, here's the official website. they do sell minomi but i don't know if they ship internationally ^^

(Anonymous) on September 24th, 2010 08:05 am (UTC)
Re: Lion Soft toy in drama
Hi Yuukie085, Thank you for the website.
I'll try to ask them if they allow to ship over to Singapore. =)