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12 June 2012 @ 10:06 pm
ft. akb48

 i only watched the bistro not even the special medley they di together because  i had to make gifs. could not help it.

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10 June 2012 @ 03:54 pm

Wednesday I took my last exam for the term, the one that scared me the most (french!!) and after that I went...sightseeing. LOL. It's just that I felt relieved, the wheather was gorgeous and I couldn't bear the thought of staying in the library to work on my final paper (work in progress)
So I went on my own to all those touristy places I never get the chance to visit because my uni is on the other side of town.

That's what I saw as soon as I stepped my foot out of the library/departement of post colonial studies where I took my exam. I had spent the whole freaking morning inside that creepy, dull, narrow building and when I went out to get some fresh air I realized I couldn't go in there anymore. I had to enjoy the sunshineeee

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I'm hungry and this is getting long. I must bid you adieu
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02 June 2012 @ 06:05 pm
this week's Ojamap was <3 I also loved last week's episode where Shingo came out as a Tokyo tower fan and everyone made fun of him.This week they visited one cool school in Japan where students manage a farm - helped by their teachers ofc. There were many cute and funny scenes but I can not get over the beginning of the show.

Shingo went and woke up the girl who mailed them.OMG at the thought of having Shingo in my room

Gently waking me up...

Whispering Ohayo...

Whatching me suffer from heart failure

Luckily, our student was strong enough and survived. Phew.
Her brother, Yuto-kun was sleeping in that room too. He woke up, saw all those people in his room, went back to sleep. Lmao.
Shingo forced him to sit and properly greet his guests lol But after making everyone lol with his answer to Shingo's question (about what food he wanted to eat, I think) he went back to sleep

This skit-like scene justly ended with Shingo planking on Yuto-kun.
23 May 2012 @ 10:57 pm
but why cry over spilt milk lol

05/19 SmaSTATION!! (ft Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) on 100 shops thingies

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I'd better go to bed now. Tomorrow I've got to wake up at the crack of dawn and study because I'll probably want be able to do it in the afternoon. Mom's throwing a mini surprise party for dad's bd and i've got to help her out. This is going to be difficult also because dad came home from work saying he took a day off tomorrow lol
My mother started panicking and told him off "who cares it's your birthday. you've got to work!!"  lol because we have a lot to do for the party and having him around is the last thing we needed.
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21 May 2012 @ 10:46 pm
I suddenly felt like updating this sad little journal but I am now realizing that I don't know how to do it anymore. Like wth am I going to write about?
Off the top of my head: I'm in the middle of finals, yesterday there was an earthquake, this morning I got my sakasama no sora cd (at last!!), my dad is turning 50 and I've got to buy him a present, I'm graduating in October-November, we're moving to another house, my brother's goldfish died. OK. This entry is getting worse by the minute.

srsly tho, I want to talk about my sakasama no sora CD. Not only has it arrived three weeks after it's shipping date, I also got charged customs fees :(

but I regret nothing.

Random pics for expository purposes only lol

and  i didn't took a picture of the poster in protest against their driscrimination towards overseas fans (yes i wanted the 7net version)

Phew. All this writing has tired me out. I'm now going to watch today's Mezamashi with the solar eclipse thing and then go to bed.
First attempt of taking possession of my lj agan: FAILED.
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05 July 2011 @ 03:53 pm
 I've been away on holiday ;O;
Ten days without the internet but the place was amazing: crystal clear water and breathtaking view from my room. So relaxing!

I haven't finished to watch the dramas I mentioned here but there's an explanation for that too. I've been catching up with smap shows, which are quite addicting. Srsly, once you start you can't stop. HELP. Really. And I'm just watching subbed videos subbers have been pretty busy when I wasn't around - not that I'm complaining. Once I've watched every single subbed video out there I'll probably start with raw vids. Oh I love holidays.

When I said quick, I meant it *gasp*. I have to go out and buy a birthday present for my mom and I have no idea what to get her. Why do I always wait till the last minute ;__;
07 June 2011 @ 01:50 pm
I've just realized that i haven't updated my list of watched dramas in ages. Actually I don't even know where that list is o.o
Yeah it's complicated because I got a new laptop and some stuff is in one external hd some other stuff in another one, some stuff probably got deleted....Omg my prescious list.

I'm trying to recall what I watched from 2010 to now but it's so difficult. Let's see if I can manage to write down a list:


You’re beautiful
The woman who still wants to get married
Beehetoven Virus
Personal Taste
Bad family
Oh my lady
Loving You a Thousand Times –dropped (ep 6?)
My girlfriend is a gumiho
Playful kiss -dropped (ep 5)
Mary stayed out all night -dropped  (ep 11)
My Girl
Fugitive plan B

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo
Tiger and Dragon -stand by (ep 4)
Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto
Shiawase ni Narou Yo

mmmh I'm afraid I'm forgetting something but i don't know.
07 June 2011 @ 01:23 pm
It's been so long I don't even know what to do. Errrr...Let's start with an apology: sorry journal for neglecting you ofc it wasn't your fault but mine. Even if I fell for other networks, I shouldn't have done this to you :<

What have I been doing all this time? Well I was very busy with uni. But I took my last exams on Friday and now I'm free (omg finally!! /dances) that's why I neglected fandom as well...especially jpop. My poor Japan.
So I decided to make up for lost time and I've already started watching two dramas, which unfortunately are still airing. Finish already so I can marathon at least the last episodes. They're jdramas and of course I chose them because of the actors in them, without even looking at the synopsis.

/copying and pasting the titles coz I can't remember them

Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto
Ok, when I realized Ryo was the daddy I was legit excited. I have a huge bit of a soft spot for cute daddies so the picture of daddy Ryo is unf. I know he's not the best actor out there and he's too young and tiny to be seriously taken for a dad but I'm not that fussy. No wait, I totally am. Ryo why on earth are you so skinny?? I can't picture you shielding our kids with your fragile little shoulders.
Moving on, there's Mizukawa Asami too! Aww I love her and she makes good mum <3 and I like their little girl too, so so cute omg. And last but not least Junno hehe

Shiawase ni Narou Yo
There's my Shingo playing the advisor at a marriage consultation agency and then there's the gorgeous Kuroki Meisa and Fujiki Naohito and last but not least, Naka Riisa. I love that girl even though when I first saw her in a drama she creeped me out because she looked just like Nino.
It's a cute drama and I can't wait for the advisor to expose himself and confess his love!! Even if I feel bad for the dorky Komatsubara-san but it's not like he had a chance in the first place.
Why did they do this to him...

I wanted to post some caps too but lj is being bitchy tsk

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06 January 2011 @ 08:25 pm
Don't let your lj die like this.
23 May 2010 @ 06:42 pm
yesterday I finished Personal Taste :) so I'm ready to start a new drama now. Tsuki no koibito here I cooome!!

PT kind of came up to my expectations, it made me laugh, cry and get agry xD and I enjoyed it. I think I'll rewatch it, this time with softsubs and in HQ, during the summer. The thing is it's not quite the same seeing a drama properly and seeing it like I saw PT! i think it totally makes the difference. That's why I hate watching airing dramas :/

...but I just can't help it! I want to start Tsuki no Koibito right now...but I'll wait a little bit more *sigh*, they're only at episode 2 *sigh sigh*

it was a lovely evening! we celebrated dad's bd and I had pizza and french fries >< it'd been a while since I last had french fries coz, you know I've decided to cut down on junk food u.u . So I was happy XD and didn't feel guilty at all (in fact I also had a couple of cupcakes lols). 
After my junky meal I went and enjoyed my drama (while dad and his friend were watching the football match -the big CL finale =_=)

i'll edit later